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Cred·u·lous : having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.

In Credulous, players take the role of organizations spreading misinformation in a social media network to forward their goals.

This game is a print and play tabletop game designed to be played in an educational setting. The game will help players combat the spread of misinformation by demonstrating to players:

  1. How misinformation spreads through the internet
  2. The importance of the audience in the spread of fake news
  3. Different motivations for people to create fabricated articles
  4. The ability to reflect on the process of spreading misinformation and understand how to prevent being susceptible to false messages (by doing research)

By presenting these concepts within a game, players will be able to better understand the systems that the game simulates, as their experiences within the game can be reflected upon and then applied to the real world. An interactive, hands-on environment allows for deeper and more thorough engagement of the learning material.

Resources Needed

- 4 sets of 15 tokens

- Printed boards, cards, and rules (Download below)

Other Resources

Tabletop Simulator Mod

How to play video:


Design - Robert Durant, Ahmad Al GailaniRobin

Development - Robert Durant, Ahmad Al Gailani, Robin

Visuals - Robin

Initial Concept - Ahmad Al Gailani, Morgan Percival


Powerpoint demonstration 9 MB
Facilitator's guide 85 kB
Rules 1 MB
Rules (Black and white) 3 MB
Boards and cards 2 MB
Boards and cards (Black and white) 4 MB

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